Friday, December 14, 2007

Packaging Idea

Looking for a cute and economical way to present all of those little gifties?

I found these great red lunch sacks at Target. They had blue as well. I can't remember how many were in the package but I want to say 50 for less than $2

Fold over the top, hole punch two holes, bring some fab ribbon through and add a tag. All set!

You could even jazz it up with a charm or ornament attached to the ribbon.

We like to do the ribbon through the flap side but you could do the backside as well.

We have used brown paper sacks too and they look great, as well.

(Our teacher gifts for Religious Ed were homemade cutouts cookies and hot cocoa packets.)

submitted by Carlo


carlo said...

i checked today and the red bags were 50 for $1.49!

great for valentine's day!

white and a royal blue were also available.

Ash said...

This is great. You don't only have great gift ideas but also creative packing too.