Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cute Anytime Gift Idea

Supplies needed:
2 colors of cardstock (Valentine's is coming . . . think pink!)
coordinating ribbon
and . . .

To make these little cuties . . . borrow your friend's scallop cutter to get the cute edge on the smaller circle. (Or you can probably buy that fun cutter at your local craft store.) Then I used the Creative Memories cutting systems circle patterns to cut the larger circles. I used a bit of 2-sided adhesive to stick them together. Finally, I used the CM circle maker to do the smaller circles for the coordinating gift tags, and a corner rounder to finish them off.

I've had my eye on these chocolates for two years now . . . they are from Costco and I think they are so cute! One box was $10.-12. I think, and dividing them up for these gifts had enough for the women I visit teach and for the elderly couples and widows in our cul-de-sac. (And of course a few left over for me to sample.)

These are nice because they are a small but delicious gift for a single person to enjoy.

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The Gray Team said...

Cute idea. At this time of year you can find cute little doilies for not about 1-2 dollars for about 25. I would use that instead so you don't have to waste cute scrapbook paper.

Adrienne Engar said...

I love your cute ideas. I have not been able to see your family blog. Could you send me an invitation? My email is


Alisha said...

I like to use the cardstock/scrapbook paper because it is sturdy.

Leanne said...

I have to VT teach tomorrow and I just happen to have some Russell Stover chocolates in my cupboards. Perfect! Thanks for the cute idea.

Jennifer said...

Here are some good ideas!

Jennifer said...

Here are some good ideas!

Ash said...

These are really lovely gift ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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