Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks & Father's Day Ideas

Thanks to all of you who are sharing your great ideas for teacher gifts.  I know I've definitely found some keepers.

Father's Day is quickly approaching so if you have any ideas and pics to share, send them my way!


Anonymous said...

How about a nice piece of customised clothing like a t-shirt or sweater. You can even get personalised items such as bags or umbrellas. They make a good gift that is truly unique.

desiree said...

Try this...One unique gift you could give to someone dear to your heart or as a simple present yet surely be treasured. Try giving them the VirtuSmoke . Innovation in technology has come to a simple habit in smoking but is inexpensive and has no harmful effects compared to any other traditional cigars that are out in the market.

Xponent said...

I want to share some father’s day gift ideas, too.

1. Father's Day Food Gift- Men are often very hungry creatures. ;) Does he have a favorite restaurant? If so, take him out to eat there as one of your Father's Day gifts to him. If he has a favorite homemade dish, then make sure you surprise him with that.

2. Toy For Dads Day - Fathers Day gifts are all about dad and his gaming hobby. A lot of dads won't admit it, but most secretly love playing video games! Whether it is on the computer or the box next to the television, this is something most men enjoy just about as much as food. A good idea would be to go out and buy him a Play station, XBOX, or some games for his computer. He will appreciate this very much.

3. Gift Basket - A gift basket loaded with all of his favorite goodies. What is it that your dad needs or is interested in? Whatever it is, make sure to include it in his gift basket. There are several places online where you can order gift baskets custom made. If you are having a difficult time figuring out what to place inside, then do not worry because some gift baskets come complete with everything.

Alexander said...

I think for fathers day it has to be something surprising. Most guys already have everything they need. Check out this site for gift ideas for guys.

Leo said...

Very good School Party Ideas.. Thanks..

Ruby Paugh said...

Some greatgift ideas you can find. I really recommend it to all who are looking for some nice gifts for Christmas.