Friday, September 26, 2008

Visiting Teaching Brunch

A few weeks ago I hosted a brunch at my house for the girls I Visit Teach (a program from my church, to learn more visit It was so much fun and I think would be a fun "gift idea" to do for any group of gals you love for the holidays. Below I will cut and paste from my personal blog what I did for mine, it was pretty simple since I'm at the end of being pregnant with #4. I've heard of lots of other fun ideas for this and next time I think it would be fun to send out invitations and have something for them to take home (a plant, handmade gift, etc).

What: Brunch (Ham, Mushroom & Spinach Strata, French Breakfast Puffs, Fresh Orange Juice and Fruit Skewers)

When: Last Friday Morning

Where: Emily's House

Who: Emily, Heather, Cassandra, Tina, Kari, and Michelle + the littles that aren't in school yet

Why: Do you really need a why to get together and eat good food with good friends? I don't think so!

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Hilary said...

This is amazing... and makes me hungry!

simply jami said...

Cute cute cute...can I be on your route too? Is Texas too far? Pretty please?

fidjiti said...

so cute and yummy! may I share this on my Visiting Teaching blog? or if you prefer you can upload it to my facebook wall and include the pic with a description. Thanks in advance. linda my email is service @ (no spaces of course)

Michael said...

I'm one of guys who always have a hard time find the right gift for my girl. My friend introduced me to the gift service. My hot date impressed what I gave her. 'It's thoughtful', this is what she said. :) It's just great. Check this out!