Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crafty Halloween Decor

Witches Boot

1 witches book kit from Wood Connection(includes boot, star, and moon)
20 gauge black wire
2 yards 1/4" ribbon
5 3/16" Zision Eyelets( I used Kiwi/Lime color)
Black, green, purple, orange, yellow, and white acrylic paint
Silver glitter spray

Paint the bottom part of the boot black. Paint 1/2 of the top green and the other 1/2 purple. After it dries paint an orange stripe. Sand the edges and apply a coat of stain(minwax colonial pine). and wipe off. When dry spray with glitter. Using a glue gun, glue eyeletz into "shoelace" holes. When dry, lace up with ribbon. I used a pin with a ball on the end to fish it through. Push wire through the hole in the tip of the boot and on each end of wire attach the star and the moon. I curled it up to make it cute.

Witch hat

hat(I used a DCC Crafts paper mache hat 9" high and 12" diameter. However I have had a hard time finding them. I saw a foam at Roberts and Micheals that would be cute to use and it is already black.)
2 yards of 2" or 2 1/2" wired ribbon
1 yard of two other styles of ribbon
20 gauge black wire
decorative spider(tai pan)
1 yard of pom pom fringe(may need more or less depending on size of hat) I use 1/2 inch wide
2 small wood stars(wood connection)
1 small wood moon(wood connection
Black, yellow, purple, and white acrylic paint
Silver glitter spray

Paint the hat black and one star yellow, one star purple, and the moon white. After drying sand the edges of the wood pieces and apply a coat of stain(minwax colonial pine) and wipe it off. Let those dry. Spray the wood pieces and hat with a light coat of glitter.
Dry. Poke 3 small holes in the top of the hat to attach the wood pieces with wire. Wrap the wire around the wood pieces and put into the holes and curl the wire to make it stay. Using a glue gun attach the pom pom fringe to the edges, and use a dot in the back just to hold the wired ribbon in place. Tie a knot with the wired ribbon and before you tie it off just lay the other ribbons in the knot. Tie a bow with just the wired ribbon. Glue the spider on and that was it.

submitted by Mandi  (www.tmlloydfam.blogspot.com)


Christina said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm totally in love with that boot!!!

Shanna said...

Where can you find that witches book kit? It is so cute!

Emily said...

The Wood Connection is a store in Utah, that is where the kit comes from, I don't know if they ship other places, you would have to contact them.

Browns said...

Wow...this is so cute. I haven't thought about the Wood Connection forever! I used to live in UT and shopped there all the time. They have awesome stuff. Unfortunately, they don't ship elsewhere. :(

William said...
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