Thursday, May 28, 2009

Calling All Creative Minds

I think it would be great if we could get a bunch of ideas up here for end of the year teacher gifts (any kind of teachers, school, dance, coaches, music, etc). I know some of you have kids that are already out but others still have a few weeks to go, so please share any and all ideas from this year or years past ASAP by emailing them to me at Pictures are always appreciated.



Angie said...

Sorry I don't have anything to add, but could you post them when you've received a few? I'd love a great idea :)

Jess said...

im a coach and every holiday season and school season we recieve the same things, little odds and ends the kids parents pick out. The best gift I ever got was a christmas ornament with different gym words on it, the kids name and the date. I know it's summer, but the teacher will always remember the student

Pearl Girl said...

I nominate Positively creative.

she made a really cute gift, for teachers, and another one for coaches.