Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher Gift-Framed Crayon Letters

This cute idea and pics come from Hilary Shirley, and she found it via the Tip Junkie.

I bought an 8x 10 shadow box... printed the first letter of the teacher's last name really light in a plain font (I used Century Gothic) and the teacher's name on the side or bottom using a font called Pea Heather's Handwriting. I printed it on cardstock, cut crayons to size with a sharp paring knife and glued on with Elmer's glue. Crayons leave little flakey bits of color, so be careful not to smear your 'masterpiece.' I printed a sample on paper to hold my crayons up to to size them and a cutting board for cutting the crayons on. The cardstock does warp a bit, but it isn't noticeable in the shadow box.


Shannon Brennan said...

How cute!! My little one is not in school yet, but I love this idea!

Jill said...

I love, love, love this idea!

Mama of Litlles said...

I've seen this before and absolutely love this!

Natalie said...

How did you put the name on the side?

Sharla Muegge said...

I featured this post in a Back to School collaboration on my blog!!

Thanks for the adorable inspiration!

Sharla Muegge
{It's A Muegge Life}

Unknown said...

Dont have to continue searching you've saved me so much time - thank you it.


SamanthaR2013 said...

I made this same sort of thing, but with A&M

check it out

mom of one said...

How cute!! I have been trying to decide on gifts for my daughter's preschool teachers, and this a perfect!!

Unknown said...

Great idea! I've just linked it in my website:


Waseem said...

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Unknown said...

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Mrs. Stephens said...

This is super cute and creative. I plan on giving it a try for either Christmas or Teacher appreciation week. I hope you don't mind me sharing the link on my blog.

Nicki @ Nicki's Random Musings.