Friday, November 2, 2007

Cookie Dough Jars

Instead of taking over a plate of cookies... take a cute jar full of your favorite cookie dough. This way the recepient can bake at her leisure. Make sure to include baking directions. The jar that is pictured in the latter picture can be found in the kitchen section at Wal-Mart for $2.86.

Other fun ideas would be to do sugar cookie dough and attach a cookie cutter. Or fill a shaker jar with fun sprinkles and attach a recipe.

Submitted by Hilary
(second picture & idea found at which is an amazing blog.)


Emily said...

Hilary, these ideas are AWESOME! A fun twist on the old layered cookie mix gift! Thank you, thank you, for sharing.

ricordj said...

I did this one year, and wrote on the tag, "Everyone can use some extra "dough" this holiday season!

momintx said...

Thanks for the great ideas!