Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Ideas PLEASE!

Okay, I'm starting to feel like an idea hog on here. And I know you all have great ideas. So please, please share them. If you don't have pics it's okay, just type up the idea and then if you make it later on in the season take a pic and I'll add it then. Don't be shy!


carlo said...

i plan to post a few once i unearth my christmas decor b/c i did some easy crafts with them but no pics to show the cuteness!

i love your ideas!

Hilary said...

I wondered if we could share ideas we found on the internet... even if they are not ours. ?? What do you think?

And, HOG away... I love your ideas!!

MaryRuth said...

But we love your ideas!!! keep posting!!!!!