Thursday, November 29, 2007

Girlfriends Christmas Party Invite

Ok this isn't really a gift idea but its the invitation to my "Girlfriends Christmas Party" that I'm having next week... invitations are simple.. maybe too simple but they're done and in the mailbox.

At the party I'm serving dinner...

3-4 different homemade soups
homemade Parmesan breadsticks
strawberry spinach salad (because its Christmas colors and so yummy!)
Hot Chocolate bar (mints, marshmellows, chocolate chips, etc)
Caramel Apple Cider

and then for dessert everybody will be bringing their favorite homemade holiday treat

I'll also be doing door prizes every twenty minutes... I'll have questions made up before hand and every twenty minutes I'll draw a question and somebody will win a gift... gifts are Christmas items... most from the dollar spot (actually the $2.50 spot ) at Target... christmas towels, cookie cutters, a Christmas movie, a christmas apron, etc.

We'll finish off the evening with "My Favorite Things" gift exchange and everybody received an insert in their invitation describing what to bring.

I hope that it turns out well... I'm reallly looking forward to it!!

submitted by MaryRuth Francks


Mique said...

I LOVE this idea and am doing it with my friends next week (hope it's ok I'm stealing your idea). It sounds sooo fun. Thanks for sharing!

Letti said...

This party sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to hear how it went. I love the invitations too.

Hilary said...

sounds awesome, Mary Ruth!!!

carlo said...

this sounds like such fun!

zerry ht said...

Lovely post! Really liked your idea of homemade desserts. This year we are planning to throw a Christmas party at one of top Seattle venues. Want to enjoy this day to its fullest so going to hire a planner for doing arrangements.