Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Card/Gift Making Gathering

This is something I have wanted to do for a couple years but haven't yet. Hopefully this year will be the one!

I think it would be fun to host a casual get together towards the end of November where everyone can come and get their Christmas Cards done. Whether it's hand making the cards or simply stuffing the envelopes and addressing them. How nice would it be to have something that made you get it all done so you could drop your finished cards in the mail by Dec 1st! If someone doesn't send cards they could bring any handmade gifts they might be making to work on.

And of course anyone who knows me knows food would need to be involved and since this is a stressful time of year I think this would be a great night for take out or some sort of soup in the crock pot and rolls.

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Sandi said...

Emily, that is a great idea. I think I will suggest that for an activity for our church ladies.

Sandi said...
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MaryRuth said...

That's so funny! I'm doing the exact same party! I just got mine planned, on the calendar and people invited this week (invitations haven't been sent out yet... just talked to people and told them to hold the date)!

November 30th, at my house... Four different kinds of soups, homemade bread, caramel apple cider and eveybody brings a dessert or treat to share.

Can't even wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sad that I have to limit mine a bit... I would love to invite everybody but I just don't have the room so I'm capped at 12... Fourteen if you want to be extra cozy.

I'm thinking about making a little gift before hand to send home with them at the end of the evening... we'll have to see how much time I have.

Can't wait to see your invites and hear all the details!!

carlo said...

i went to one of these in boston and it has been one of my best memories of our time there.

everyone brought materials and ideas and we crafted together.

we had lunch and hot chocolate and it was fab@!