Thursday, October 18, 2007


These are "coasters" that I made. We have a group of friends that we got together with weekly to play games and such. One of the couples had a really nice table and she made everybody use coasters all the time... it became an inside joke and we would use coasters at each persons house when we played games... so I made each couple a set of coasters.

Each "coaster" was a tile that I bought from Home Depot and I got adhesive felt from Michael's cut it down to size and stuck it on the back. I stamped the names with my scrapbook stamps and used a Stayzon ink pad... I think any ink pad would work.

Each coaster had the couples name stamped on it and then the rest of the four coasters were stamped with "Friend #1", "Friend #2", "Friend #3", Friend #4"... They were a hit and everybody loved them. Depending on whose house we would go to everybody would fight over who got to be "Friend #1" :) It was super cheap. I don't remember exactly how much the coasters were but I think the whole set of six coasters was less than $5.

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Sandi said...

I'm doing that for my grandchildren.

Kelly said...

Lisa taught these at our Enrichment a few years ago. They were so cute tied with some ribbon. I think they also had some picture stamps -- like a pear or a dragonfly, and those turned out cute, too. Great idea with the self-adhesive felt on the bottom!