Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Movie Night Gift

We did this as a Christmas gift for several families in our ward that we were close to as well as some good neighbor friends.

I bought these cute popcorn bowls at Tai Pan Trading (in UT) and then filled them with supplies from the Dollar Store for a family movie night. I loved the idea of a gift that this gift let the family spend time together during such a busy time of year.

Large bowl/container
2 boxes of movie candy
box of microwave popcorn
old classic type movie (or you could do a Blockbuster Gift Card)
tags with personal message
newspaper to stuff the bottom of the bowl with so that the goodies stand out

Total cost: Approx $10 (can be done for considerably less with a different container)

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Kelly said...

Ooh, I'm your inaugural blog commenter. Yahoo! I think this is going to be a great resource for fun ideas!

Hilary said...

darling! We bid on one of these (and won) at a family auction. They packaged it in a box type microwave popcorn (I think they're called Pop & Serve Tubs). That would save you the money of the bowls (though that is the CUTE part, right?).

Barb said...

This is a cute idea (the blog) and idea (the family movie night gift).
I am not the it girl on this stuff, but I will pass along anything I come across.

Sandi said...

Emily, I am so excited to see this blog. I have subscribed to it so I can see every great idea you post. Thanks.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you started this blog!

Liz said...

Cute idea! Thanks for starting up this creative holiday gifts blog! I love it!

MaryRuth said...

what a great idea!! we've done movie night gifts before but I've never seen it this cute! Where did you get the buckets?


MaryRuth said...

never mind... i'm a dork... you already listed where you got the buckets. Thanks!

Annette said...

I just happened onto your blog and love your movie night ideas and then went on to look at some of your other ideas! I am looking at putting a "stay in" night and a out on the town night for my son and daughter in law for Christmas.