Saturday, October 20, 2007

Christmas Card

This was our Christmas Card from last year. I actually don't recommend it if you need to make a large amount. I darn near killed myself rounding so many corners last year. Anyway, I just photoshoped and printed off the pics of the kids in strips, cut them apart and rounded all the corners. Printed the text out on the computer and punched it out with a circle punch. Printed the Merry Christmas on the computer and cut it out and rounded the corners and then put it all together. So, if you only have a few cards to make or if you can adapt it without all the corner rounding go for it. If not, learn from my corner rounding fiasco!

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Hilary said...

really cute. I can see the potential pain factor though... It's darling!

BTW, I have some ideas to send in, I'm just sick and can't muster up the photographing energy (but I can make up words like photographing). :O)

Kelly said...

Your hands are probably still sore from all that corner rounding last year. I remember some hilarious corner rounding freak out phone calls.

MaryRuth said...

Those are SOOO cute!!! Wow! I can't believe you did all those corners!! I hope people appreciated all your work!!

carlo said...

oh so fab. love love love!

i too have some ideas but no pics to support so will do so when i recreate them again for this year!

:) super idea!