Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Cards

We moved recently between Christmas and New Year's. Due to the chaos, I never got Christmas cards sent. I love receiving Christmas cards and was nervous that some friends who are "Christmas card friends" wouldn't know my new address in order to send ME Christmas cards, so I came up with Thanksgiving cards.

It was fun to get fall dresses (any excuse for matchy-matchy girl clothes!) and use fall colors. I had the letter inside be based on what each of us was thankful for that year. It was really fun and it felt so good to be completely done with Christmas cards before Thanksgiving even hit! (I have a love/hate relationship with making Christmas cards!) Give it a try!

Submitted by: Hilary


Kelly said...

That is an awesome idea! And they're so cute!

Amberly said...

I love this idea! Get the hassle with over before the busy season starts and focus on gratitude... great cards!!

carlo said...

we have done new year cards and valentine cards in place of christmas cards but i never thought of thanksgiving cards-- awesome idea!! and makes so much sense!

Anonymous said...

great idea. I also have some gifts ideas to share @ Thanksgiving gifts ideas