Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trunk of Treats

Trunk of Treats

I saw something very similar to this on Hobby Lobby’s website, but changed it. All of my supplies were bought at Michael’s craft store.

The boxes are $4, I used a dark brown acrylic paint to paint the box, the orange paper is 59 cents, and the green paper underneath has a sheen to it so it is 99cents. The ribbons were each $1.99 and you can get 2 boxes worth from each spool. I also cut out the flower on the orange paper and stacked them for the raised look. You can put what ever saying you like on the box, I just happened to choose this one. I also made boxes with blue accents instead of green and they are really cute. You can then fill the boxes with whatever you like. These are great for visiting teaching, neighbors, etc.

Total cost: about $7-8 (this includes the candy)

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MaryRuth said...

This so CUTE!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to make one!!

emily said...

dang, i wish you were my VTer or neighbor! super cute megs!

Hilary said...

I agree! I wish you were MY VTer! So fun!